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Friday, March 28, 2008

There is a doubt in his behavior.

The character badness comes to light to him.
We discovered his writing with 2ch.
"Do not hold me in derision.
I am not cheated.
After having understood information was wrong, I improved the video.
You who doesn't know a true purpose are excrements.
You are jeered objects."


219 名前:ダニエル本人 ◆wQS5KmrMzU [] 投稿日:2008/03/30(日) 03:18:04 0

The video two days ago is erased and the same video is up-loaded
again. Why does he do such a thing?


Anonymous Firithfenion said...

dkoleary88 is not a honest person. He is a hater who comes in disguise of a "truthfinder". Some facts: He did not accept my critical (not insulting) comment on his video. He did not accept the response video from KGKGKG as official response. That means he is not really interested in the truth. He promotes the URL of the ED in his video, so he is probably a fanboy or even a contributor of the ED.

Anonymous Zen Cath said...

On the question of his motivation, it seems clear that he was offended when Magibon did not reply to his message. Magibon must surely receive thousands of messages, so he obviously thinks he's more important than the rest of us! Instead of accepting the situation, he chooses to react by being vindictive.


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