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Wednesday, September 06, 2006





It's been rainy here from a tropical storm down south. Isn't it funny how
we always seem to have the same weather? XD

I made Chicken Teriyaki for dinner. My family loves it. I keep cooking it,
and it gets a little better every time. I really want to bake cookies though...

Have a nice day everyone. ^__^



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Maggi,

I run into your videos by mere chance. I was swayed by the gushing, enticing
power packed in your simple performances. That compelled me to look beyond your
obvious beauty, so I decided to read your postings, only to find an even
greater beauty--the kind that doesn't fade! Your thoughts on diverse issues are
anything but shallow. Your way to put them in words is extremely artful, and
yet so natural. I am writing a novel that has to do with the vicariousness of
our times and the Internet. In my research, I have run into many, many ugly and
evil things. This time I have seen the other side: brightness of the soul and
love for the Human condition. This is not flattery, nor am I selling anything.
I admire your talent in the Japanese language. I am a fully bilingual person
myself in the Spanish language. I would like to shape one of the characters
based on you --or rather, on my perception of you. I hope my intrusion doesn't
unsettle you, but if it does, please let me know, and I will fade quietly and
respectfully, but with a light heart and a restored hope in the future of
Humanity. Thank you for being there and for speaking out.

All the best,

Iñigo de Lara


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